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Roushun Snail White Soap

Roushun Snail White Soap

Bar Soap with Delicate Net for Softening Snail Foam Tendering soft snail foam to bring out a brightly white & nourishing younger skin. The snail white soap is specially conceived for a fast and effective action. Thanks to its active treatment, Snail White targets and removes immediately brown tasks and unifies the complexion in order to restore the skin natural brightness. Your skin is clear, fresh and smooth, it is perfect!

Removes blemishes, dryness and dark spots on the face and gives you a moisturized, glowing, flaky skin.

Introduced by Roushun, a world renowned brand, Snail White Soap Women will further enhance your beauty.

Girls who dream of a beautiful face, Snail White Soap will make your dream come true.

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FB IMG 1660664525162

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