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ORIGINAL DR RASHEL Gold collagen elastin serum

ORIGINAL DR RASHEL Gold collagen elastin serum

Anti wrinkle aging moisturizing serum Acne Treatment Whitening Face Ageless Skin care

සමේ තෙතමනය රඳවා සම සිනිඳු කරයි, රැලි වැටුණු ස්වභාවය ඉවත් කර තරුණ සම ප්‍රකෘතිමත් කරයි, එල්ලා වැටුණු සම නැවත ශක්තිමත් කරයි.

[Method of use ]
Use every morning and evening collagen elastin serum apply adequate amount to the face, according to skin texture with a stomach massage until absorption

1.Whitening cream
2.Moisturizes the skin
3.Smoothes the skin
4.Activates epidermal cells
5.Restore young skin
6.Pulling the skin
7.To give the pure coor to the skin,
8.The beautilful skin all day.

Tips: Outside supplies, do not let children eating, if found to have any discomfort or sensitive skin, please stop using it immediately.
This product has been tested through the skin suitable for all types of skin.

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FB IMG 1663729875314

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